A search engine for your memories.

Hyperspaces provides a private journal to preserve your memories. It enables rich note-taking, auto-tracking, and smart search for all your life events.

Robust Editor (Web & iOS)

Journal on top of your life events
Zero friction goes into writing

Rich Text Support
Seamless Markdown
Minimalistic Interface
Keyboard Shortcuts
Links, quotes, images, & lists
Days Bi-directional Linking
Tags & mentions

Advanced Automated Tracking

Integrations: Track everything there is to track

Utilizing one of the world's best screentime trackers for mac.

Smart learning engine for motion & location tracking on iOS.

Connect Apple Health to track sleep, exercise, nutrition, & more.

Easy Manual Tracking

Daily checklists are easier than ever

Track habits you care about per day, week, or month.

Link habits with your activities & journals on a visual timeline.

Track as many habits as you want.

Powerful Search

Explore your memories

Jump to any place or date & find what you were up to.

Search your journals with keywords or tags.

Search your activity log.

AI Personal Assistant (soon)

Chat with your data

Ask questions & get answers from your journals.

Summarize insights from your daily physical activities.

Quantify your progress & how far you've come.

100% Private

We take a privacy-first approach in every feature we build.

Data is encrypted two-fold. (link)

Pause tracking at anytime.

Separate toggles for each tracker.

Full Data Control

A principle that has been forgotten in the self-tracking industry: Data Freedom.

Data Export
Delete your data anytime

Run experiments

Controlled experiments around new habits and lifestyle changes.

Make informed decisions

Your daily numbers are always at the forefront, to help plan next steps.

Share your reports, insights & trends

Share your activities wrapped numbers with friends, show off your progress.

Connect external
data sources

A growing library of everyday activity data sources for easier journaling.